September 21, 2015

fall wishes / essentials

 Hello! Today I felt like writing about my fall wishes / essentials. I kind of love and hate fall at the same time. I love it because during the fall season everything feels so cosy and nice, I love spending time in my room with a big cup of tea, a blanket and my laptop or a book (just like most white girls, I'm a clich√©). But I also kind of hate fall because since I live in Holland, it rains 90% of the time. So many people talk about how they loooove rainy days, but let me tell you, when you live in Holland you will be done with the rainy weather after a week. We travel by bike here a lot, so I can't really leave the house when it's raining non stop for days, because I will be soaking wet by the time I arrive.
Either way, my love for candles, coats, sweaters, blankets and lush bath bombs is way too big to let the rain bring me and my fall spirit down. So here are my fall wishes and essentials:

I will start with some fall fashion, from left to right:
 - I've had my eye on this burgundy Zara coat for a while now, I love the fit of it. A nice coat is a fall / winter essential here in the Netherlands.
- Next I picked out this knitted top, I think it's perfect for fall because you can wear it with a cardigan and some high waisted jeans or a skirt and you won't be too hot during this strange transitioning weather. I own a knitted top like this from Brandy Melville and I really like it.
- Next on this collage is a Calvin Klein underwear set. This is on my wishlist because I think it's perfect to lounge in. Throw on a big cardigan over this set and listen to some music under a nice and cozy blanket.
- A (striped) t-shirt dress is so nice to have in your closet because it's so versatile, I own a t-shirt dress from Brandy Melville but this one seems just a bit warmer and more structured, perfect for fall. Oh, and you can never go wrong with a high neckline or a turtleneck this season.
- These socks are so cute, and who doesn't like nice and warm socks during the fall and winter season? I don't think I need to explain this choice, socks are an essential.
- I've had my eye on these Ray Bans for a while now. Even though I only wear sunglasses in the summer, I had to put them on my wishlist because they are just so nice.
- These cute little lace shorts are again perfect to lounge in, or just to wear out. Pair them with some knee high socks or thights and you will be good to go.
- A burgundy lipstick is on my wishlist because burgundy is my favorite color, and I need a lipstick this color.
- I thought this collared dress was just so cute and again, I love t-shirt dresses so...
- I fell in love with the color of this bag, a nice leather bag is a staple piece, doesn't matter what season. This leather bag just looks nice and fall appropriate because of it's color.
- Denim skirts are a huge trend this season, I'm not too fond on the denim skirts that button down, but this one I can see myself wearing.
- Last but not least these Nike blazers I loveee love love old skool looking sneakers, and these are just so cute, they are a little bit warmer than all my other shoes because these are high-tops, and I am so in love with this color!!

I've always loved interior stuff, so here are some of my fall home decor wishes and essentials from left to right:
- Fairy lights make my room ten times cozier. I own some morrocan inspired fairy lights from Primark and I absolutely love them so I thought I would show you some similar ones because they are a fall / winter essential to me.
- Wild flowers in fall colors are just so nice, no explanation needed.
- I think minimalistic looking light bulbs that spread a nice warm light are a great timeless piece for your home, doesn't matter what season.
- Candles scream fall and winter to me, I always need to smell all the scented candles in every store that sells them. I'm obsessed, I own like 8 candles, and they are all spread over my little bedroom.
- This mirror is on my wishlist because I just need a mirror in which I can see myself from head to toe, and I happened to like this one. I think they sell similar ones at Ikea.
- This fake sheepskin from Ikea looks so cozy and warm, imagine stepping out of bed on this on a cold fall or winter morning.
- I'm not going to explain to you why you need a nice blanket on your bed or couch this fall.
- A record player is such a nice piece to add to your home, I can't explain the feeling of putting on a record, it's so different from putting on a spotify playlist. Also, I love the smell of old records. Playing records is the perfect way to spent a rainy day in my opinion.
- These knitted pillows are on my wishlist because I love everything that's knitted, it adds a lot of texture to your home (or to your outfit if you're wearing it). It just looks nice.
- Books are an essential because reading in bed after a long day, whilst listening to the rain tapping on the roof is the nicest feeling ever. Add clean fresh smelling sheets and a clean body and suddenly you entered heaven. A book that's on my wishlist at the moment is Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my wishes and essentials, and that after reading this you are just as excited for fall as I am. :)