January 12, 2016


Yes, I am one of the many people who see the new year as a new start. And every year I set myself some new goals and resolutions.
Every year the list gets smaller, I think that's something good, because it means each year I am happier with my life and with myself.
But still, there will always be stuff I want to improve. So today I'll share my list with you, mostly as a reminder to myself to stick to it!!

In 2016 I want to:
1. spend less time on my phone / computer (exept when I'm doing something creative on those devices)
2. stop biting my nails (this one is on my list for many years now)
3.  be a vegetarian (i'm already doing pretty good on this one)
4. get up earlier (ugh)
5. read more (instead of spending time on my phone / computer)
6. own a consitent blog! (I'm planning on posting here every tuesday)

And my main goal for this year is to get into my dream school.