September 27, 2015

a day in the city

Last week Mark and I decided to buy a "museumjaarkaart", which basically means you can visit over 400 museums in Holland.
Today, on a sunny sunday, we thought it was the perfect day to go see the van Gogh and Munch exhibition at the van Gogh museum.
When we were done looking at all the paintings we decided to walk through Amsterdam and along the canals for the rest of the day.
It was the perfect fall weather, not too cold and very sunny.

I wore a Levi's jacket, Zara knitted top, Brandy Melville skirt, some random striped socks and my Vans today.
Lately i've been loving skirts and dresses but during the winter i find that it gets way too cold in the Netherlands to wear them.


Overall it was a relaxing and lovely sunday. I really hope this fall will be very sunny so I can stroll around Amsterdam a lot, fingers crossed.